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Steve Ellis, (born 1970 in Washington DC,) is a New York based multimedia artist specializing in oil painting and sculpture, using and subverting pop culture iconography to explore consumerism, false idols and the death of print media. Ellis has taken American flotsam such as crashed cars, cigarette lighters, and broken high heels shoes elevated them to high art.

His long list of exhibitions in galleries starts with a 2001 showing of lighters in Colin De Land's American Fine Arts in New York. Besides gallery walls, Ellis' work has been commissioned by Zoo York skateboards, for the credit sequence for the film The Others, album covers for the band Luna, and most recently for the hit show At Home with Amy Sedaris. Besides paying tribute to pop culture, his work Is pop culture.

Steve Ellis has worked closely in his Lower East Side art community for over two decades curating group shows in his alternative art spaces. He co-created the portrait project Ignited New York and more recently designed and received a New York Acker Award box in 2018. Ellis is an adjunct professor at School of Visual Arts from 1997 - present.


2018: "HOTSPOTPOPSHOP", Stephen David Ellis, Doerte Fitschen-Rath, Michelle Dean Kaminer, Art on A, NY
2018: "Philly Abe's, This Side of Heaven" (8SS Fanatic Voyage painting and speaking engagement) @ Howl! Gallery, NY
2017: "Outhouse Show" @ The Jerry Lee Williams Gallery / MO David North, Church of the Little Green Man, NY
2016: "1001 Nights of DADA", curated by Roman Primitivo Albear, The Stand Gallery, NY
2016: "FRUIT", LaLaLand Gallery, LA
2016: "New York New York", 212Arts Gallery, NY
2015: "Closed Circuit", curated Carlo McCormick, The Clemente Abrazo Gallery, NY
2015: "All Together Different", curated by Linda Griggs and Yona Verwer, Manny Cantor, NY
2014: "Bowery Mission Benefit Auction" @ New Museum, NY
2014: "CUTLOG Art Fair", The Clemente, NYC
2014: "The Rent Show Extended", ABC No Rio, NYC
2014: "Conde Nast Lobby Show", curated Janusz Jaworski, 4 Times Square, NYC
2013: "Ponds, Mirrors and Kaleidoscopes" curated by Thomas Woodruff, SVA alumni show
2013: "Surge Protection", New Museum New Ideas Biennial Event, gallery nine5, NY
2013: "Fun House (part 1)", Truth & Beauty Gallery, LA
2012: "Art Southampton Fair", gallery nine5 booth, Southampton, NY
2012: "Nosebleed", curated by Erik Foss, Fuse Gallery, NYC
2011: "The Armory Show", "Tools of the Craft" paintings in VIP lounges, NYC
2011: "Art Machine" by Alife, The Hole Gallery, NYC
2010: "Manifest Destiny" gallery nine5, NYC (solo)
2010: "Neointegrity II", curated by Keith Mayerson, Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, NYC
2010: "Imaging the Apple" AC Institute, NYC
2009: "Talking Trash" gallery nine5, NYC (solo)
2009: "+2" Sloan Fine Art, NYC
2009: "One Night Stand Anonymous Show" Envoy Gallery, NYC
2008: "LouvreFritos" CuchiFritos Gallery, NYC
2008: "Governor's Island Independent Art Fair", NYC
2007: "American Contemporary" Webb's Gallery, New Zealand
2007: "Week of Warhol", Gershwin Hotel, NYC
2006: "A Piece Apart", Aidan Savoy Gallery, NYC
2005: "A Pop Culture Horror Show Made Safe on Canvas", B.A.I.R.E. Gallery, NYC (solo)
2004: "Surface 2 Air Installation", Tokyo, Japan
2003: "The Atrocity Exhibition", Clampart, NYC
2003: "Wild Nights: Remembering Colin De Land", CB's Gallery, NYC
2002: "The Meaning of Style", Brooklyn Front, NYC
2001: "Pieter Schoolwerth / Steve Ellis", American Fine Arts, NYC


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1997-PRESENT: Adjunct Professor, School of Visual Arts, NYC


1994: School of Visual Arts, BFA

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